Black and White Photography Portfolio

Welcome to my Black and White Photography Portfolio. This area of the Travel Photography Guru site showcases many of my favorite black and white photos from my travels around the world.

Reduction and Amplification

While I love color photography, in some cases it's true to say that color gets in the way. By excluding color from a photograph you're then able to amplify the other compositional elements within the subject or scene.  Light, tone, shape and texture, among other elements, can now be properly explored.

Are You the Dreamer or the Dream?

Did you know that most people dream in black and white. I'm sure you'll agree that notions of nostalgia and by-gone days are often best explored through black and white. If color is what drew your attention when you made the original photo, in camera, then it may be best to keep it in that form. But if one or more of the other compositional elements (e.g., line, shape, texture) drew your attention, then a black and white rendering may be desirable. Let your photos speak to you! 

New Photos Cowing Soon 

Currently this portfolio includes photos from the following countries:

  • Greenland and Iceland
  • France, Austria and Russia
  • India, Bali and New Zealand

Share the Joy

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Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru