Photographing Historical Bruges, Belgium

Gold colored figures decorate the facade of this building in Bruges, Belgium.

I love Bruges. This beautiful, Flemish medieval city was once one of the world’s great trading centers. Today it offers the enthusiastic photographer a wealth of opportunities to explore and photograph.

How To Photograph The Basilica Of The Holy Blood, Bruges At Dusk

The above photo features guilt statues and some of the unique windows on the facade of the Basilica Of The Holy Blood. Dating back to the 12th century this minor basilica was built as a chapel for the Count of Flanders.

I wandered past this structure, at dusk, and was immediately taken with the glow of the golden statues in the fading light. I set up my tripod and photographed a series of details from the facade, including this one.

A statue on top of the tomb of Charles the Bold in the Church Of Our Lady, Bruges, Belgium.

How To Photograph The Tomb Of Charles The Bold

There’s so much to see in Bruges. I photographed this statue atop the tomb of Charles the Bold in the Church of Our Lady. It’s a beautiful church and includes a variety of wonderful artworks including a white marble sculpture of the Madonna and Child created by Michelangelo around 1504.

To photograph the statue on top of the tomb of Charles the Bold I lowered my camera so that it was parallel with the statue and then zoomed in to 73 mm to begin to isolate the statue from it's surroundings. I employed an aperture of f/5.6 to produce a relatively shallow depth of field which further separate the statue from it's surroundings.

A lovely, restful photo of boats moored on the canal in the city of Bruges, Belgium.

How To Photograph The Beautiful Canals Of Bruges

I made this image at days end, just before darkness descended, on one of Bruges lovely canals. I like the calmness and quiet around this time of day and I feel this image evokes some of the history and a slice of the character of this beautiful city in northern Belgium.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru